Acunetix 14.2.210503151 for Windows, Linux and macOS – 4th May 2021
by seytan6161 - May 04, 2021 at 01:37 PM
Is there someone who can they share with this version.
And what is not satisfied with the version Acunetix Premium 14.1.210316110 Windows – 17th March 2021? I haven't seen your version, but the functionality hasn't changed
I need to install windows new is always new
I wish someone could share it
I love youI love youI love you
Is there anyone to share the new version?
Acunetix 14.2.210503151 new version
(May 04, 2021 at 03:27 PM)palter Wrote: Acunetix 14.2.210503151 new version

Can this brother share it
pls share bro, thanks for sharing
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Acunetix 14.2.210503151新版本

And where is the link to download the update?
(May 04, 2021 at 01:42 PM)ninexdz Wrote: And what is not satisfied with the version Acunetix Premium 14.1.210316110 Windows – 17th March 2021? I haven't seen your version, but the functionality hasn't changed

lot's of fixes and new logo Smile

Version 14 build 14.2.210503151 for Windows, Linux and macOS – 4th May 2021
New Features
  • Acunetix is now available on Docker
  • New Scan Statistics page for each Scan
  • Vulnerability information can now be sent to AWS WAF
  • New Vulnerability Checks
  • New check for Hashicorp Consul API is accessible without authentication []
  • Multiple new checks for Unrestricted access to a monitoring system
  • Improvements to JavaScript Library Audit checks
  • New check for Cisco RV Series Authentication Bypass (CVE-2021-1472)
  • New check for ntopng Authentication Bypass (CVE-2021-28073)
  • New check for Agentejo Сockpit CMS resetpassword NoSQLi (CVE-2020-35847)
  • New check for AppWeb Authentication Bypass (CVE-2018-8715)
  • New check for Apache OFBiz SOAPService Deserialization RCE (CVE-2021-26295)
  • New check for F5 iControl REST unauthenticated remote command execution vulnerability (CVE-2021-22986)
  • New check for Python Debugger Unauthorized Access Vulnerability
  • New check for Virtual Host locations misconfiguration
  • New check for Request Smuggling
  • Full rows and column selection is now possible in the Excluded Hours page
  • Updated UI with new Acunetix branding
  • Issue Tracker ID will be shown for vulnerabilities sent to any Issue Tracker
  • Issue Trackers can now be restricted to a specific Target Group
  • Target Description will be sent to the Issue Trackers
  • Updated Jira integration to support Jira version 9
  • Multiple updates to the JAVA AcuSensor
  • Scanning engine will now test cookies on pages which do not have any inputs
  • The scanner will stop testing cookies which have been found to be vulnerable
  • Where possible, DOM XSS vulnerabilities will show the code snippet of the vulnerable JavaScript call
  • CSV Export will now show the Target Address
  • Maximum size for a custom cookie configured in a Target increased to 4096 characters
  • New date filter in the Vulnerabilities page
  • Vulnerability severity now shows text in addition to color coded icon
  • Multiple updates to the LSR
  • Added support for BaseUrl / Global Variables in Postman import files
  • Import files
  • Fixed extra CR in Target CSV export
  • Fixed DeepScan crash
  • Fixed: Discovery options are only shown to users with “Access All Targets” permission
  • Fixed: Existing user’s details shown when adding a new user
  • Fixed a scanner crash
  • Fixed: Blind XSS check is now part of the XSS scanning profile
  • Fixed: AcuMonitor checks where not done when scan done by an engineonly installation
  • Fixed issue causing AcuMonitor not to be registered when using authenticated proxy
  • Fixed issue when loading vulnerabilities for a Target Group
  • Fixed issue with Postman importer
  • Fixed sporadic issue when checking for new Acunetix updates on Mac
  • Fixed issue in WP XMLRPC pingback check
Version 14 build 14.1.210329187 for Windows, Linux and macOS – 30th March 2021
  • Fixed issue causing proxy authentication failures
  • Fixed scanner crash
  • Fixed indentation in Comprehensive report
Version 14 build 14.1.210324124 for Windows, Linux and macOS – 25th March 2021
  • Updated scanner so that “Restrict scans to import files” is taken into consideration for paths coming from Target knoweldgebase
  • Fixed a scanner crash
  • Fixed issue in Swagger 3 import feature

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