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Acetone Peroxide
WARNING! This is extremely dangerous and odds are you will blow yourself up before cooling it down fast enough. WARNING!

Praise to Allah, He is knowing, hearing, the one who defends the truth. May blessings and peace be upon our prophet, Muhammad. 
My muwahhid brother, today, by Allah's permission, we will learn how to make acetone peroxide with common ingredients, and you can in your own home using simple tools.

We need a quantity of ice and water, a thermometer, and a syringe, and the agents that will be apart of the reaction, which are: hydrogen peroxide, used for cleaning wounds and is found in pharmacies, sulfuric acid, which is a substance used in car batteries. The third and final substance is acetone, which is found in makeup shops and is used for removing nail polish.

We will need a bowl that's a little wide, and a container that's deep in which to produce the reaction. We place the deep container, such as a long jar inside the wide bowl.
We will now place the ice around the container while wearing gloves, a face mask, and protective lenses if available, and without inhaling the vapour emanating from the reaction in the future of this tutorial. We've just placed the ice inside the bowl in order to cool the container to keep the reaction temperature below 15 degrees Celsius.

We will now prepare a small quantity of the substance. My muwahhid brother, you must remove the metallic part of the syringe so that it doesn't react with the substance.

We now add 25ml of hydrogen peroxide. We then add 25ml of acetone. It makes no difference which you add first, the acetone or hydrogen peroxide. We add 2.5ml of sulfuric acid, it's a few drops which should run down the side of the container, we do not pour it directly on top of the solution. 

We begin mixing in order to maintain the temperature level so that it doesn't go above 15 degrees Celsius. We keep mixing until some white grains appear on the solution surface.

When some white grains appear on the mixture surface after a reaction we should now have 10g of acetone peroxide, by Allah's permission. We do not remove the substance from the bowl until the reaction completes. It may need between 24 and 48 hours. 

My muwahhid brother, only prepare this shortly before an operation. If you prepare ahead of time, store it in water and in a closed glass container. Do not leave it in the open. The drier it becomes, the more sensitive it is to pressure, friction and heat. 

Now, after some time has passed, the solution has completely formed. We take a piece of cloth and filter the solution. We pour a small amount of water on the cloth in order to open some holes. We then filter the solution. After filtering the acid out of the solution the substance takes shape, we spread it out until it dries, using wooden and glass tools to spread it out, not metal. 

My brother, you should consider making this substance in small quantities until you are capable of producing it in large quantities, by Allah's permission. 

We now spread out the substance on a glass or ceramic dish and we do not expose it to heat or direct sunlight. We spread out this substance using either wooden or glass tools, and we do not use anything metal so that it doesn't react with the substance.

You now have an explosive material, if you would like a tutorial for a detonator then comment down below or use the polling system I have implemented. 

Disclaimer: I am not responsible blah blah blah 
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