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by AgainstTheWest - November 23, 2021 at 01:10 AM

We're letting you all know, that we're looking to increase our member count. If you hate the Chinese government even in the slightest, then you're exactly what we're looking for.The following skills aren't essential, but do look much better on your part / experience:
  • Networking
  • Social engineering
  • Data analysis
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Programming (It can be any language)
  • Knowing Chinese, English or French

Anything that has been mentioned, would be a great addition to the group.

More Information

Even if you're not wanting to join, but post data on our behalf (to prevent being hunted by the CPP), you can send us the data, which in turn will be leaked on RF.
This is an open invitation and to call upon the community as a whole to rise up. 

We're glad to be back from our self-ban.

In other news, we're doing an interview on VXUnderground. We're in the Discord, you're more than welcome to join from their twitter and ask some questions in the #AMA channel.

Merci < 3
Я знаю Интернет и Социальные инженерии. Я тоже понимаю китайский. Как мне с тобой связаться?

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