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AMD or Intel
by Nirawin - May 09, 2019 at 06:07 PM
Hey boy,
As an AMD user i wanted to know what are you favourite but explain why !
depends on what you do on your computer. intel has stronger single-core performance and is better for games.

multithread, amd.
value-wise, amd.
AMD has became a much better company in my opinion but intel will always be the leader!
Better core performance on intel chips... in my opinion
intel is the only way to go amd runs way to hot and are not optimized for a lot of third party drivers
Intel. I never used AMD but I like Intel.
I'm still using my AMD from years back, i think its a Phenom Black?
Still been using Intel, just find they run better for me.
Depends on your workload. Both are fine for gaming unless you need really high FPS.

If you want lots of cores for cheap, AMD is the best, and some workloads are really happy with more cores. If you need absolute single-thread performance for some reason, Intel is still better by 20% or so.

If you're talking servers, you'll probably be on intel because nobody builds AMD servers really. If you're whiteboxing, AMD is a good way to go though.
It's not depends, go for Intel always, i've tested both for long time, and believe me, AMD dies suddenly for not reason what made me change it couple times, while Intel is solid and stable.
Right now Amd is value for money.
Intel is lagging behind....
Intel makes better processors with more features. It all comes down to how much you are willing to spend and whether you need those features (really, the only ones exclusive to Intel involve advanced virtualization you're unlikely to ever need).

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