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A redirect site called
IDK if this is clased as advertisement but there is a site called that you can use to redirect to screamer links or whatever.

[Image: a688a8e19adcfa2033018a5d13504fa4.png]
I'll wait for someone to test it out first.

But really it's pretty awesome for there to be more redirect sites.
(08-28-2015, 04:48 PM)Vorpal Wrote:  I'll wait for someone to test it out first.

What is there to test out? Just go to the website and try it out for yourself.

Anyways, it does work, and it's pretty good.
your daily reminder that even though this is a good way to link to screamers, linking to screamers on SB is against rules
Nice, we need more of these for other sites like youtube, younow, facebook, twitter.
Yes finally a new way to link screamers in the shoutbox
Since I can't use this in SB, I'll use it on streamers
What does the URL lead to? I don't want to click any links ever since GloryHoleFoundation
Guys it really works! I put my social security number into it and it automatically downloaded 10 more cores to my CPU! Now I can play games that haven't even come out yet!
^ Can you download more ram as well need 36gb 2dai
Thanks alot man

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