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A raid on a kids game
(09-09-2015, 12:21 AM)Ericrulezz Wrote:  YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

its only possible if a mod investigates the song AND MODS ARE BERALY ON!

srsly they are on like 1 mod every 4H
I'm down, and I bet most of 4chan is as well. Post on /b/, redirect them here, get a massive raid.
i'm in, but we should spread this on 8chan's /b/. they love raiding shit.
ok. im getting ready now. make account and learn how everything works.
Im in on it. So yeperz.
someone else please copy and paste this to 4chan
I am in it to win it.
Let's go bois!
when i checked the music123 room was empty. theres other ones that are more full
damn...did u guys do it without me? or did you just not do it?
i was helping my grandma so i missed it

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