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A raid on a kids game
lets organize a raid on transformice.

transformice is a browser online game for children from ages 7+

on september 11th 
16:30 UTC+

lets raid the game....

the game operates in a multiple room way....
the command to go to a different room is /room (room name)

the room we will meet up on will be /room 801  
801 is the main games room...
the server will be the first english server
have multiple accounts ready

after raiding 801 we shall move on to a room where you can make song requests 
the room where we wil songrequest raid will be /room music123

i hope to see you there...

reply if you have any questions about the raid i didnt cover here.
this will be a habbo (pools closed) type raid where we will spam racial slurs and influence the minds of many young children...

i will be the leader of the raid. my nickname is ManStanCan

NOTE:"for you to be recognized as a member of raidforums please insert RF or RaidForums in your name so we could identify you"

NOTE:"the plan is that we gather up in such numbers that we could spam a new account after being banned and still remain there."

UPDATE:" on september 10th we could attempt a mass transformice forums/caffe(caffe is like a shoutbox) i could make a post where we ask for the skype of kids and tell them that we would "play some games with them".This will be done if anyone actually wants to do it.
so...who is in?
Probably won't work TBH habbo was different because that was on 4chan and 1000's of people participated.
I'm in, might wanna post on /b/ when it goes down
u please go there...i am too young to journey there
DONT WORRY i am 13
ty mod srry for the trouble i caused
so is anyone in? should i travel to the random side of 4chan? oh and if someone is about to post it...MENTION I MADE IT! i want the street cred
(09-06-2015, 12:27 PM)HitlerDidNuffingWrong Wrote:  so is anyone in? should i travel to the random side of 4chan? oh and if someone is about to post it...MENTION I MADE IT! i want the street cred

4chan isn't that bad.
im in m8. song request will be fun as fuck. and also the raid is on my birthday. Smile
someone else might need to take over...i might fake being sick to get to raid (i got banned from using the PC for 5 days more)

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