A mentally unstable guy
by Felinman - September 12, 2017 at 06:05 PM
A while back I went on a cybersex channel in IRC to troll. I got PMed by someone named "VeinyShaft", and i could tell almost instantly that he was fucked up in the head. Here are some things he said to me

11:52   **VeinyShaft:** aint you a huge cock craving cum hungry pathetic slave whore I might use to huge gapes? so I might! your weight cunt?

11:53   **VeinyShaft:** let me guess.. you d very much love to play a shy kinda easily embrassed blushy type petite sexy auntie at the age of 35 who is a very weak nature submissive lady married to a small prick pathetic hubby andthe 19 yo 6'4 tall extremely thick 11 inch hung perverted nephew Walker may manipulate and brutally fuck you tocumguzzling huge gapes turning you into a shameless fuckwhore addicted to his cock and cum?

11:57   **VeinyShaft:** married to a 4" lil prick pathetic hubby you always think the nephew is hiding an object in his bulge.. staring at his bulge averting eyes..you feel so very ashamed and blush a lot..and act like the submissive dumb cunt mesmerized by what you see..

12:00       * VeinyShaft chuckles.. great.. heads in.. Slap!.. a gentle smack on your tiny firm round arse as he walks past.. takes a comfy seat.. staring at your dumb face.. so you work out a lot to keep that arse in shape sweet?

NOTE: There is a large time difference because I found him a couple of days later

12:33   **VeinyShaft:** send a pic of yours before I ll set the scene and brutally gapefuck you to cumguzzling fuckholes just as you deserve

12:36       * VeinyShaft the 21 yo 6'5 tall 240 lbs 13 inch hung perverted stud Walker is your best friend lisa's bro..who has an eye on the dumb as rock brunette trash meat ..he is most of the time an embrassment for ya with his cocky talks obvious looks arrogant style and meaty bulge.. you kinda blush a lot and feel ashamed for being such a low self esteemed cunt he does tease you a lot..

12:37       * VeinyShaft knocks at your door early morning.. not expecting anyone up so early .. you answer the door.. (wearing what?)

12:44       * VeinyShaft chuckles.. so you wont lube your arse for my 18 inch monster?

The rest of the longs can be found here, if you are interested. By the way I have no idea if im even posting this in the right place lol


u deserve

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