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by ar2tGQD2BQrG - 11-08-2017, 11:56 PM
Hello, my pseudo-name is, ar2tGQD2BQrG, and today I figured I would release a project i've been handling for a friend that has been "mostly" kept private to some degree.

I used to help a very close friend of mine run a deep-web site a lot of you may of known by the name of, "Doxbin," it was hosted on a ".onion" domain for a very prolonged time, and eventually hosted on a normal web-hosting site until it was seized and eventually demolished. The original owner of the website quit wanting all the backlash from what was happening when people(s) information was released. He received hundreds of emails a day by people, making threats/ranting/bigotry/pleading for removal/etc, and he eventually turned the website over to a person with the internet pseudo-name, "King Oren.", who hosted it for a few months and then re-established it on the normal web for a long time without any backlash from his hosting provider, until people started their bigotry again and got it taken down. King Oren. has recently become deceased, and before he over-dosed and took his own life, he gave me permission to host the ".onion" domain, along with the files he used for the one on the non-.onion website, so that you guys can post your own dox-(es) in a place that is easily accessible and easily maintained. I will be updating the information on the site over the next few days/weeks, and I would love any feedback you guys have, feel free to post below any ideas you have for where to take the website in terms of updates/upgrades, or if you believe it's fine now, then i'll leave it be, and just update the contact information.

The website it is hosted will not expire until 2019 if everything goes well, if this website for some reason gets taken down, or needs to be upgraded to a larger size, I will do so myself, with the same domain, and I DO NOT want any donations of any kind, I am hosting this as a memorial to my friends I made on the internet these last 5-6 years, not for profit. Unlike the original owner, and King Oren. I will be lenient with removals, if you feel you want a post removed, you can Email me([email protected]) Or Discord me(Je Suis Dieu. ????#2076) and I will reply to you as soon as I can, if I get tons of emails i'm sorry for the delay.

I really hope you guys enjoy this website, and feel free to publicize it as much as you'd like as well as like mentioned before, post any ideas you have for updates I should do, or changes you think would provide a better experience for you guys. After all, this website is for a memorial to my deceased friend, but it's also a website he would of wanted you guys to enjoy and feel safe using, and I plan on making sure you ALL feel welcomed on this site, and not alienated by other users.

Have a great day/weekend.

Link: Doxbin
This is interesting i must say, I've never heard of this site
Thanks for the insight, doxbin is fairly well known. Hope you have no issues with hosting

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