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A Server Owner Who Probably Shouldn't Be A Server Owner
So, without typing a full on novel about what happened in here, basically there's some bad blood between me and the server owner. I was admin for around 3 months and basically ran the entire thing while he did absolutely nothing, didn't care about his members, anything. Just a dick in general. I'll post a few screenshots of DMs to show why I want this twatfuck's server raided, and then I'll post how I want you guys to raid.

So, hopefully that's enough to show how much of a careless peniswrinkle this guy is.

How I want you all to raid this server is very simple. I want you all to basically just copy the link below and just spam it everywhere you possibly can. Bonus points if you go in chanting my name lol.

When you are ready, here is the server invite link.

Thank you all for doing this.

Currently working to get another invite link. Check back soon.

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