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9/11 Mafia
[Image: kYAPNXu.png]

-OBS/XSplit/Other Streaming Programs-
-A working mic/Teamspeak 3 or Skype-
-Fluency in the English Language-

Team Rules:
  1. You are allowed to DOS or Dox someone. Do not SWAT. Ever. Doing so will provide a permaban and a report on the forums.
  2. Do not argue with myself (TopKekSupport), other veteran members of the 9/11 Mafia, or other people.
  3. If you hijack, you must use all assets of the Imgur album.
  4. When hijacking, do not link back to the forums.
  5. Please let me know when you have finished a hijack so I can mark them as completed.
  6. If you hijack, the only thing that we will ban for is streaming child porn. You are a sick fuck if you enjoy doing that.

Required Hijack Album:

An example of a hijack screen (Courtesy from TopKekSupport):

Please take the time to read carefully. If you follow these requirements and steps, you should be fine.

Please use a VPN such as PIA or CyberGhost, no-log VPNs are best. Refresh the VPN, include a new e-mail to a new account, and you should be good.

Necessary Links:
Any VPN website, if you’re on a crunch, use Hotspot Shield.

Contact me at:
[email protected]
Teamspeak 3 (PM for IP)
Skype (Again, PM)

Extra Bullshit: How to Hijack (4 Rftechponys)
  1. Get stream key from autistic fuck
  2. Copy Paste Stream Key into OBS through Settings>Broadcast Settings>Stream Key. Make sure it’s set for by changing it in the dropdown bar above.
  3. Tell the person to reset OBS for 1-3 Minutes.
  4. Stream whatever you want, just make sure everything in the album is present. You can add whatever you want wherever you want.
  5. For best effect, play Moonman-Notorious KKK or Johnny Rebel.
  6. Continue until the channel is banned.
Application format:

What can you bring to the team?
Have you hijacked before?

Name: QualityHolocaust
What I bring to team: Dank memes
Have you hijacked: Yes, I am the former owner of Team Salty
Name: WeenieHutJunior
What I bring to the team: Kek's and offensive jokes. ( I can attempt to Dos XD)
Have you hijacked: No not yet. But I can Tongue
Name: Fear.
What can you bring to the team? i can bring many hijacks. videos, be active on twitter etc.
Have you hijacked before? yes. me and my friends have hijacked some twitch accounts. just Pm me yours skype!
add my skype - OTFear
Name: Misfitguy1234
What I bring to team: I will do 9/11
Have you hijacked: Yes,
Name:EricRulezz (eric) wont give last name
What can you bring to the team?I know alot of gross vids on youtube. i can hack. i am VERY Creative.
Have you hijacked before?I need help setting up obs.
Skype:will pm it.
I have a vpn.


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