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9/11 Mafia
Name of Group: 9/11 Mafia

Who's Involved?
Many more. (Like 69 xdddd)

Why Do We Raid/Hijack:
People that say 9/11 was a tragedy deserve it anyways. We also attack young people/spics big time.

Do you want to join? 
Depends, can you raid you twat? 

Niggers Fucked Up:

Here's a picture of an autistic kid as a placeholder for a team banner.

[Image: 89b8e502b25480139a23125c01673e5f.jpg]

Here's out Goddamn Hijack Image. 

[Image: b120e1f82ffdc591d7756fe22a79fda3.jpg]
Welcome @TopKekSupport To Raid Forums...
Make sure to read the rules and have fun.

Can I join the hijacking?

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