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8tracks got pwned
So i see noone talking about this, although it came out a few days ago. 6M accounts, going back to 2008

Thoughts on this?
nobody rly cares about this
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(06-29-2017, 08:47 PM)kkost Wrote:  nobody rly cares about this 
yep, no one cares about dat shit
It amazing to me that sites still use MD5 and SHA1 to hash passwords. So very insecure and never works out well for them.
nobody rly cares about this
Ugh, I had an account for that site...
didnt even know this site still existed
Yeah what is 8tracks anyway.
where to find their db guys?
Pretty sure people will care once the DB gets leaked, its got a lot of members
Never heard of 8tracks ... but I'm sure the db could be pretty damn useful.

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