8Tracks Database - Leaked, Download!
by ubi1444b - August 20, 2019 at 01:29 AM
Hello RaidForums Community,
Today I have uploaded the 8Tracks Database for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!

In June 2017, the online playlists service known as 8Tracks suffered a data breach which impacted 18 million accounts. In their disclosure, 8Tracks advised that "the vector for the attack was an employee’s GitHub account, which was not secured using two-factor authentication". Salted SHA1 password hashes for users who didn't sign up with either Google or Facebook authentication were also included.

Compromised data: Email addresses, Usernames, Passwords

Keep in mind this breach's password hashing algorithm is SHA1, the data provided is in txt format. The .7z File's MD5 Hash is 360E0E67E715585037241638CF5DF565. Total record count of 18674439.
Peek: stephan [email protected] db64c593510a6e358817322ea9006b0848278dbf NULL
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Please provide sample
thanks for the share.. i see 5kk hashes found.. waiting for someone to get usesr:email:pass combo done in plain text Smile


chaz [email protected] 8d3f58cbc03054323238ffcf624173cfff6f57c3 1cdcd8d0c2aa7f863430fe027e8c2d803366bdba
Said [email protected] 4157838a5ea6bff5e82d473b12ec011cebb2cdcf 068cb4d7240a58e22b0e3373bbb6ac4da21a0432
eltremoso87 [email protected] 1acfbd1ff334f133dbf8bd46041c19ba98269338 1f956fa07af89839340dacf58b4c478907db2f70
annarose [email protected] 184d259ad959ea27d834a04d414827eefced48f6 86f3547ae603668b86c1cea3dd8df6a149de63f6
agnieszka [email protected] b5ea1b78b4f62cfd27927dfe1bde96aded0af5f8 0eba482b9ab3ad1a1cab0aad8e2f32ec099f3acb
Cystation [email protected] 6cb7edcf189a4e974f6b61f2ba348f01250eb1cb 174d1297cfd2862c19c5640277b14fda65beb5e7
DylanCoyle [email protected] 106a892f1595d0761f177a482ceec7c4642ff023 5ccbdf017d7ab55952efa646cb00602764112a60
richardd [email protected] 7cad22046f6e1dcc0793d29445386e6d29cb3eff fac7d3d26f314af1596ece72302eb7c530678c06
manekal [email protected] ba4d67dc962417751011509488701925f5996fb0 48e5502f0d97369230a22d4949ad8dd92e288a40
Wingmanlite [email protected] 17bc740c632a49c2916d836b80485927d010d939 c748eb1209ac90f4a30b8e013616cd144a6ee2d8
nix [email protected] a424926833662df20a53866fd65889646cdb5c21 ba3e58348c18ceab1486211c6f93a46a32fe3a5f
punjabi_sher [email protected] 93c1ecbeaa6716452de328e5aad716f1d65c2842 f963cf5deac2d9bd3d657374205eb9ec853bd187
kenrolfe [email protected] 63fa83f41ab4fd9e74b01a5fa59a03610060d3a2 78d6c6c5f3b62399ea2aded9643214132bb92ed6
mrk_h [email protected] ea084b1a4401c2a038401b6d44d79838abaa099b 35ef6336726a8161893dd6830f74dd3c9015b34f
nerved [email protected] bf1a5c0de5fe47c8dcffa672e7d34d8b0479fad8 67965533a90ddf662568c3dc1cd99daa56a6cfc2
basel [email protected] 07ee84bda5f348fa190ff302af6635c0ebd79dd5 c1c93419c5639542f7efcae5df1f2ebec3d559ba
JanetJoz [email protected] 7a3b58fe743f34fb04acdf2c78b1a888898faba5 a28fe3e45f2ca85654674d5049455cbf2a5dec43
BrendaHeisler [email protected] 1c4bbaaf3f96397f0758e1b42df0ba3e173007d2 d33bc72c4752b9e313ce46ff79c26143b087ee6d
kal [email protected] 9865f3df632e29ad6d0c5da328d3985e8c8570e4 7f54c3c988057a15e5fba3dae4810f4bcb6e7930
anthonymendoza [email protected] 4f33e771e90aede343c3df0c58e6869b5bc2172b 55548a18bd62e4c19fc28dc9ed361fa220401336
doctoralias [email protected] 41a1ea74c06aa1cb631d15fade68099048e2f2ce 66dd48fd1fc11c3809ec203b06323fe19a99c59b
phd [email protected] 19cb886a3a40f6295e8c80da2e9bf42a640eaab4 20b557e13cc51d9667d7eec5749e359c11e5e323
@angelod where you see that 5kk hashed found i can make user email pass combo xD
(August 20, 2019 at 06:21 AM)TheCoreMan Wrote: @angelod where you see that 5kk hashed found i can make user email pass combo xD

hmm so this is legit then okay fam.
thanks for shareing..............
Awesome share. Thank you.
Old release also in collection 1 and two other combos at least.
-> Moved to Official
Thanks for sharing !

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