70% Amazon Giftcards [leaked by UziextraL]
by Rich - 06-22-2017, 10:47 PM
lol this file is crypted with oldphantom crypter..

pls next time try with other crypter because i found virus in this file change the macro upto 5 times and post you leecher...
its not a rat, but info is not so usefull

Last Update : 20 June , 2017
{ This ebook is only shared and sold to trusted people , please don't share further }
With this method you can get Amazon Gift cards for 60% the real price and resell them
There is this guy named Frances and he is a really good friend of mine , he owns famous porn websites and he is
an agent of many agent pornstar girls .
in order to receive payments in exchange for membership on his website he uses Amazon gift cards as a
payment and he gets at least 10,000$ every month
at first he could sell them but he had to pay so many taxes so it was useless to sell them so he started buying
things from amazon but he doesn't want anything
anymore so he tried to go around in forums and tried to find people to sell to but all this people called him a
carder and a scammer and he got banned in all forums
so later my friend Frances told me if i could find a few trusted people so he can sell them the amazon giftcards ,
he figured out he could sell it for bitcoin for safety
and i told him i have some people in mind that could buy your giftcards and he was okay with it so here i am
making this ebook
Personally i made only 3000$ from frances by reselling this gift cards

How to get in touch with Frances
1) I have his phone number but i am not going to give it out so i am giving the discord
Here is the discord : frances39#2679
2) And skype if anyone still uses it
Here is the skype : [email protected]
3) ONCE You get in touch with him TELL HIM YOU WERE REFERRED BY 'Toxicoo' OR 'IlussEfx'
4) Talk to him about you wanting to buy giftcards and he will understand
Where to resell
1) You can try paxful.com
2) You can buy products from amazon and resell them
HOW Much profit can you make
1) He sells it for 60% sometimes 70% if he wants to get rid so if you pay 30$ dollars you will get 70$ gift cards

complete bullshitalso this guy very bad at math
40% of profit doesent means you will make 70 from 30. go to school

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