7 Dehashed Hacking Forums DB (FULL HackForums (120k), Blackhatworld etc.)
by Binaricc - February 12, 2019 at 10:33 PM
thanks for share bro good job
It's been ages since this has been shown before
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(February 13, 2019 at 07:44 PM)javierb0ss Wrote:
(February 12, 2019 at 10:33 PM)Binaricc Wrote: Dehashed Hacking Forum Databases

  • Hackforums (120k)
  • D4tabase.com (21k)
  • BlackHatWorld.com (70k)
  • Demonforums.com (6k)
  • Freehack.com (25k)
  • Rootkit.com (63k)
  • Dashhacks.com (149k)

I've used 8 credits to open this content to download a corrupt .rar file. Can you please try to .zip it instead?

When opening the rar file with ex. winrar it's giving me the error dialog box! Please correct...

Others have had issues with this?

I am having this same issue. Please PM me with zip when you can
great share intresting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Waiting for this. Thanks for share.
is this a full dump?
wow thats great shaere man niceee

enjoy every minute from it hehe
dang thats pretty impressive thanks man
That's pretty cool! I hope that list still works Smile
Binaricc Wrote:Dehashed Hacking Forum Databases


[li]Hackforums (120k)[/li]
[li]D4tabase.com (21k)[/li]
[li]BlackHatWorld.com (70k)[/li]
[li]Demonforums.com (6k)[/li]
[li]Freehack.com (25k)[/li]
[li]Rootkit.com (63k)[/li]
[li]Dashhacks.com (149k)[/li]
[Hidden Content]
Nice work!
thanks for sharing this dehashed database
yo i have all but two but i just want to say thanks for those two and this is a really great post!!
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