6 days
Well lads, 6 days until the lord claims the throne of the United States, are excited ?
It's going to be an interesting ride, for sure.
cant wait to see what he will do to screw up the rest of the world economy.
Albeit a very odd situation, everyone making it out to be like the world is ending is fucking autistic.
It's going to be a rollercoaster, I'll give it that, but fuck it... I can't change what the rollercoaster already is so why not just wait out the ride and attempt to enjoy it?
I don't get how they ended up having to vote for either one of those asshats. A real clown fiesta.
Having Trump as president of merica will make life slightly more interesting, it'll be fun
any nervousness. everything will be OK
new world is comming, by niggas for the state

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