3D sensor for 2019 iPhone
by hilman488 - 11-14-2017, 12:31 PM
The 2017 iPhone X has only just come out, and everyone is still soaking in the animoji novelty, but rumours about Apple’s 2019 iPhone are already emerging. Bloomberg has come out with a report today that suggests Apple is developing a new “3D sensor” for the rear of the 2019 phone that will be used to improve the company’s developing augmented reality apps and services.

The proposed system would work by firing lasers out of the device and measuring the time it takes for the reflection to get back to it to establish a depth map. Similar depth information can be obtained by using dual cameras, as Apple already does, and through the infrared-based FaceID system that graces the notch on the front of the iPhone X. Google even does it by using dual pixels in its latest Pixel 2 camera, which produce just enough of a parallax effect to get the job done. But Apple’s new system is presumably being developed to produce results that are a lot more precise and robust.

Bloomberg says that Apple is presently courting suppliers for the 3D-sensing system the company has in mind, however it isn’t yet entirely certain that the technology will make it into the 2019 iPhone. What’s assured, according to the report, is that the TrueDepth sensors that make FaceID work on the front of the iPhone X are there to stay, and Apple is working toward creating the 3D sensor for the rear to give the device 3D awareness on both sides.

Apple’s ARKit has already demonstrated some extremely impressive examples of augmented reality on iOS devices, and it’s only logical that Apple would look to press that advantage by adding to its hardware arsenal. Timing may not yet be certain, however this 3D sensor fits neatly in line with Apple’s recent track record — which includes the Taptic Engine, A11 Bionic processor, and the entire FaceID system — of looking to augment its long-established software lead with bespoke iPhone hardware.

Sounds good but unfortunately prob cost waaay too much!!
I saw 2019 and thought "wow that is super far in the future", but it is only 2 years in the future. A year and a half, even.
Yeah I agree this will be very expensive probaly.
Every phone these days is expensive. It would be worth it for the AR and might be the future.
I'm always awed by how far fantasies can go. Like people in 90th couldn't even imagine such smartphones which we consider as ordinary today.
This would be relly cool. I played with a iphone X and the AR and portrait modes is very nice. I am excited to see where they take to next.
sound impressive
and super expensive.......
Ahahah no i don't think so lol
Great invention, i like
it looks very interesting, but I believe that the price will be really interesting too
it reminds me apple plan lol , I don't think apple can produce a better result than google in 2019.
Apple has no better engineer than google in this domain and it's launch after google, how it can win ?

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