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32 person Teamspeak 3 server Anti-DDoS (No longer available)
$3 till 6/22/15
Any one interested? I've got an OVH server doing nothing and i'd rather make some money out of it then let it sit...
The Anti DDoS is working fine, tested at around a 6-8Gbps amp'd attack.
It's located in the Canada Data center.
I'll even put a Apache server on it, if you want a static site.
I say static because, you will not get access to the server itself, only the TeamSpeak.
I will PM you the privilege key and IP, And if i'm online, i'll probably get the server up in less than 10 Minutes.
Packets are always going through the VAC.

I accept Bitcoin and PayPal.

I don't have this server anymore. You can not buy this.
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good idea, bumped
But what about 120gbps?
(06-09-2015, 02:27 PM)HighNoon Wrote:  But what about 120gbps?

It's shared across 360K servers. 
It is on the OVH network, and it should hold up to a VERY large attack.
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