300+ eBooks of MONEY MAKING [$$$]
by SimplyPancake - January 05, 2019 at 08:35 PM
Hello dear users, I have 300+ (333 files) seperate eBooks. Not just any eBooks, eBooks on making money.
With these books you can make some serious money(over 4000$ a week Biggrin ). 

[Image: Lb0GqVV.png]
[Image: HTC0dT4.png]

The best part is, it is worth the money!
See it as an investment. I will charge you $5 for these 300+ eBooks. 
One eBook will generate $10-$30 a week. Let's just say that's around $20 a week per book.
In total, thats > 4000$ a week or > 224000$ a year.  Angel

You should pay, because the investment is totally worth it and it cost me over a year to source and gather these eBooks.

DM me if interested!
goood yeahh work!! thanks!
(January 05, 2019 at 08:58 PM)rignpc Wrote: goood yeahh work!! thanks!

Thank you!
I sourced a large amount of books with this tool I made
Nice work! Hope it's really worth it
excellent work, thanks!!
great share thank you

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