30 vBulletin Forums Dumps (01.2020)
by Distruzione - February 06, 2020 at 04:58 PM
Hi. There are old forums, but among the old shit there are still something interesting and alive.

[Image: GE5N7cO6Tp6pWVYTvhJRng.png]

The format of all files is the same: userid,email,username,password,salt
Salt should be only 3 or 30 characters. So for decryption you possibly should make a few replacements in salt, for example, get rid of double quotes.

15367,[email protected],Hackcell,3528c16cdc51f580f080ca47d524fcfe,qSb
15368,[email protected],Chet,869fe2e0c4e0898a6b5c6fa18864e3aa,G:_{*L{{!a)X/5Qc.Z3;GCsj)xFmIz
15369,[email protected],bubule,ebd8a2f88f628305875f8fdcc333feb8,"(H"""
15370,[email protected],Nick M,46191c421796cbce5acc5c495c086152,[email protected]:

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Wow, interesting, thanks.
Nice, thanks for sharing this

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