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3$ Private Skype API [2000+ Resolves]
Hey guys!

I brought a skype Private API a month ago for 4 Dollars

Not using it anymore, so skyped the owner:

[Image: db6a1ac9aae1751da9e3f456b6f97a73.png]

They dont refund..

So decided to post a thread here,

No scam ofc or you can report me to the mods Smile

Selling for 3 Dollars! or a good deal!

Reply for interests!

[Image: 68bd833067f4f71bc7d0df87190878c0.png]
There are free APIs out there... Why would you buy?
(05-29-2015, 02:30 PM)Predator Wrote:  There are free APIs out there... Why would you buy?

Dedicated Private Server and no cache enabled,

Free resolvers have most likely cache enabled so they dont update everytime you ask for a skypename

Without cache the server checks everytiem for the actual IP and dont use their cache from 12 hours ago.
I'm interested in this shit.
I would still use a free Skype resolver though, but if you have the spare money why not right? :D
Has it been sold? sorry for the bump..
OP hasn't been active in approximately 11 days, giving him a few more days to reply to the thread before closing it.

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