3,341 fresh working mega.nz accounts
by kidpk - 09-22-2017, 08:14 AM
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Cracked with my own cracker, which is on here for free (link in sig). Will also check for pro accounts and index files to a database so you can search for cool stuff.

Oh an interesting account I found with lots of hacking/carding/etc related stuff is [email protected]:alejandro93. Lots in Spanish but there's English stuff as well. There's carding tutorials at https://mega.nz/#F!3RkEzRjA!YfETmgGEJaI6cznxNG95lQ that I assume weren't free
I wish I knew what was in them in advance
I didn't index all the files, but I just uploaded some JSON dumps from my local database. I split them up by file types, and the one big file is the largest 100,000 files.


They look like this:

"_id": "wfBj3LyL",
"name": "The Horus Heresy Book III - Extermination.pdf",
"type": "pdf",
"path": "Cloud Drive/The Awesome Library of Rho-Mu 31/Warhammer 40.000/Forge World/Horus Heresy/Black Book series/The Horus Heresy Book III - Extermination.pdf",
"folderLink": "https://mega.nz/fm/deA2zRAK",
"size": 994716,
"time": "2017-05-01T22:50:55.000Z",
"email": "[email protected]",
"password": "bobslayer1228"
I hope I get one before they're all gone!
Cheers man appreciate this
thanks for sharing this
Appreciate the accounts
thanks for this. Good work.
this is fantastic! thanks so much dude!
Thanks a bunch for this!
Thanks for share, i will have alot of fun with this one!
thanks for this it will be alot of fun

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