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2016 WHITE PAGES WEST VIRGINIA.mdb 746,893 records
I was looking for West Virginia electoral database for a long time but no luck with it so maybe this can help a lot.
(03-16-2019, 07:01 PM)CorelDraw Wrote:  Good work!
Thanks, bro!

I don't speak Russian, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Moldova, but if your into the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico or Mexico, even a few that are not on my hit list of WANTED DEAD or ALIVE, like western Europe, I might have an interest, depending on a Trump (The Deal). I want "Drivers Licenses & Voter lists I don't already own a copy of", that includes any "Historical data", which to me is better than up to date stuff, tells me what I need to know from that time frame, so I can run it forward. I do not give a rats ass about PASSWORDS (at all) or EMAILS, that are not connected to a name, address, BIRTHDAY & other shit useful to connect families & LOCATE someone. Its ALL useless garbage to me. Main interests are the two things mentioned above, along with BIRTH, DEATH, MARRIAGE & DIVORCE RECORDS, along with anything like that, as you can see from what I have posted on here. Samples of my collection, but FULL sets of records, unlike others seem to do, who are out for blood money & holding the rest hostage for it. I either give you the whole file or nothing. Just so you know where I'm coming from & not trying to be a smart ass. lol !! This West Virginia file is the WHOLE thing, not a sample of it, although I have a BUNCH more in different sets. I forgot to mention, FUCK PORN, get some real pussy & stop jackin' off, or your brains will leave the house.
excellent leak. thank you
nice thankssssssssss.............
RE: 2016 WHITE PAGES WEST VIRGINIA.mdb 746,893 records
Loving data - mmmmmm yummy!

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