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2011 Airman Licenses, domestic & foreign, Plus, Airplane Crashes
A REAL database, I thought you might be interested in. Looks like this in Access. You can expand them to see more by hitting on the tiny X . I hope this helps you with your historical data collection. Enjoy !!!

A0000012    PAUL DAVID    BOLTON    PSC 1 BOX 20755        APO    AP    96214-0001    USA    WP            
A0000014    ROBERT KELLY    BLAKE JR    1641 NE 60TH ST        FORT LAUDERDALE    FL    33334-5952    USA    SO    2    122010    122011
A0000030    WILLIAM VERNON    CHAPIN    310 BENTLEY WAY        FAYETTEVILLE    GA    30214-3750    USA    SO    3    072009    072011
A0000031    DAVID LEE    CHAUSEE    22332 BARBERA        LAGUNA HILLS    CA    92653-1839    USA    WP            
A0000035    WILLIAM CHARLES    COLLINS    18041 E PERIMETER RD        ATHOL    ID    83801-9065    USA    NM    3    072010    072012
A0000036    RALPH MYRON    CORBIN    3374 BEST RD        OAK HARBOR    WA    98277-7803    USA    NM    3    062009    062011
A0000043    PAUL MICHAEL    DARNELL    310 ROYAL OAKS DR        OGDEN    UT    84404-7416    USA    NM           

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  (two databases in here)

  Plus, Airplane Crashes if your interested in them. Two I use for looking things up on Airplanes.

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  (one in here, in Excel format, 3452 lines)


CALIFORNIA    36 40N 120 26W    15-Feb-70    PA-28    N5942W    Brown/White; scattered     burned    
CALIFORNIA    36 40N 120 26W    15-Feb-70    BE-35    N7902D    Green/White; scattered     burned    
CALIFORNIA    36 40N 121 32W    1-Sep-68    PA-28    N4593J    Yellow/White        
CALIFORNIA    36 42N 117 48W    -    B-24    41444    Unmarked        
CALIFORNIA    36 42N 118 21W    -    SNJ    994    Marked        
CALIFORNIA    36 42N 118 22W    30-Jul-76    C-182    N4652K    Red/White; burned        
CALIFORNIA    36 42N 118 31W    -    P-40    39287    -        
CALIFORNIA    36 43N 118 20W    27-Apr-76    C-182    N52855    Red/White trim        
CALIFORNIA    36 43N 118 22W    17-Jun-66    N-3B    -    Burned     scattered    
CALIFORNIA    36 43N 118 22W    -    Trainer    -    -        
CALIFORNIA    36 43N 118 22W    26-Nov-77    PA-28    N3972R    -        
CALIFORNIA    36 43N 121 08W    -    A-20    -    Scattered        
CALIFORNIA    36 44N 117 55W    -    UC-78    -    Scattered        
CALIFORNIA    36 44N 118 24W    -    C-170    N46266    Silver/Blue        
CALIFORNIA    36 44N 121 29W    -    Beech Baron    N28DW    -        
CALIFORNIA    36 45N 118 22W    10-Jun-87    C-172    N55186    White/Tan/Rust        
CALIFORNIA    36 45N 118 23W    4-Sep-81    -    3X    White/Blue stripe        
CALIFORNIA    36 45N 118 32W    25-Oct-87    -    -    No #\'S     Rusty & Coordinated(?)
I see you've used Heart
(03-10-2019, 08:27 PM)BoringApe Wrote:  I see you've used Heart

Figured I'd pay attention. Unlike other assholes, I don't claim to know everything there is to know. lol !! Thanks!
Thanks for this share
(03-12-2019, 01:29 AM)bleach1978 Wrote:  Thanks for this share

  Always glad to help someone that appreciates real databases on people !! It won't change, except for the addresses & expiration dates of their licenses. But once you find who your looking for, you can update it with the details in an historical file. Important things are always BIRTHDAYS & SSN's first, correct spelling of a name & the LOCATIONS where they once lived. With that type information, you run it forward to find them today. Its that simple. To me, historical data is just as important as the latest files you can find. You can always reverse it too, run things backward to see where they have been before & who used to live with them. My lesson for today. I keep forgetting to mention, I also collect City Directories & School Year Books, all of them, Grade school, High School & College. Its better than collecting mugshots or prison records when searching for normal people. lol !! Drivers Licenses & Voter lists too. You would be amazed at what I have found over the last 20+ years. I also don't leave this stuff on the internet, I have to go from one computer to another & transfer files to post on here. You can't hack, what you can't get at. Another lesson in life !! lol !!

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