100K Chinese name phone bank data
by PonyJack - June 10, 2020 at 09:23 AM
Investment Information of 100k Chinese Financial Institution Customers

I don’t know what the data is for

I decided to share with you

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[spoiler = Data]客户姓名 联系方式 资金账户 证券账户(沪A) 证券账户(深A) 三方存管 浮动费率
刘振宇18603409099 32569784 A532146956 0-110425635招商银行1.1‰-0.3‰
陈晓波18602100973 33617895 A536245632 0-110421638建设银行1.1‰-0.3‰
张建军13861281234 31496854 A539465476 0-110359654建设银行1.1‰-0.3‰
姜怀宇13584506335 30182594 A531695647 0-110346985工商银行1.1‰-0.3‰
王先生13861085588 31169854 A531629386 0-110462836中国银行1.1‰-0.3‰
沉波15206115096 30163297 A531968626 0-110163293工商银行1.1‰-0.3‰
扬兆军13818348611 32595742 A532569853 0-110156396民生银行1.1‰-0.3‰
徐剑13305186145 31058485 A531695823 0-110284756交通银行1.1‰-0.3‰
thank you very much for sharing my friend samples
What is the password on this?!
but it does not include emails

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