1 year anniversary work reward (imac)
by thelinuxnerd - October 25, 2020 at 10:17 PM
I have to refresh some of the computers and electronics at home. I have 2 android tablets from 2011 or earlier that don't get updates to the operating system anymore (so that means i have to get rid of them). I also have an alarm clock that I desperately need to get rid of and upgrade. I need to upgrade the 1960s alarm clock to an ihome for wireless iphone charging. I have an apple iphone as a smartphone. For my 1 year essential employee reward for maintaining the job at the essential business for 1 year Im thinking of buying myself an iMac with the i7 processor as a reward to myself. That will come in this coming spring (when this whole coronavirus started). The smaller reward for positive cash flow was getting 2 laptops repaired. I installed windows 10 on one of them and fedora linux onto the other laptop. Im going to use the fedora linux laptop for IT development. I dont even technically need to install docker as my development environment since it's already running a Linux distro. This coming spring I'm just thinking of rewarding myself for maintaining the essential job with an iMac.

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