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1-888-239-4339 tech support TREATEN to FUCK ME? wow gay
So i called thins tech support number because scambaiting is fun.
But i never called them before so i gave it a try.
But after i called them this is what i got for response and i thought wierd why they are hating even though i never called them but then they bring k9 support virus scam and i it all made sense now because that's the support i called for 1hour and gave all my credit info (which was fake ofcourse but they didnt call me back to approve or dissaprove it) and gave my personal number as FBI. And sherrifs derpartment.
So bassicly what was same company with diffrent phone number which made sense now and why they don't wan't to take calls from me anymore.
Usually doing these scambaits the scammers just go with it even if they can see you're trolling so having them to react to you this way makes it a win.
1-888-239-4339 This number. Before this number it was one from k9 - pc protector which had number attached to it and i couldn't even scan without paying even it was trial. XD
kkk kkk kkk kkk kkk kkk
prank call them saying allahu akbar
Trick for scambaiting is to waster there time like i spend one hour and made them think i falling for it and then realiseze im just scambait faggot. I even got on my email that payment worked or something like that lol
send them to c-span
one time we did ddos the scammer because he was using teamviewer

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