1 4M 4 LEG1T H4XX0R N0W
OMG fbi came on my door,beacause i fount a new bug on gooogle which can allow me to edit any website on the interwebz and i was like WHOAHHHHHHHHHHHHH,and i went on 123 and made the site ded and then i went to 4chan and put techpony as a board like /t/,then i went to hackforums and le haxxed them with my new bug,and then i went to le youtube and haxxed pewdiped and made techpony utube number 1 channel on utube history,and then i went on amazon and stole 69 i7s and a door,beacaause i never won tthe giveawy,any way ,the last website i went to haxxx was raid forums,and your probably thinking i didnt,but i did,i haxxed le raidforums,and you won't believe wat i foundd.i have leaked isis nudes of celaeon,plus im not sharing or linking them cause they r only 4 me 2 fap also i made me have 69 good rep and i deleted all the bullies who wore cyber bulling me and was accepted into faze clan,oh yeah and then the fbi said they are illuminarty so omg.

thank u for listenin to my beautifiul stiory m8 plz r8 it 8/8 i spent 8 hours on it

This is why you have -9 Karma
Please kill yourself, please. just do it
I didnt understand a fucking word you said just go do what kennedyless said...

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