by Ringer - September 26, 2021 at 12:43 AM
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What is your problem my friend, who says that we use it for fraud. I use this for other business purposes.

We have a company for taking car or older people by bringing them medicines and making them food.

Stop blaming people before u know anything for sure
You talked to me on telegram? Where my friend
But i dont buy banking information are u stupid
I dont ask any log in information.
What is your problem, get a life instead of giving your opinion about other people buying something

By the way we didnt even spoke eachother in telegram
Dont talk shit here and get a life
Scamming the elderly is a very scummy behavior.

Fatherless activity, one might say Cool
Respectfully sir, please remove my name. You dont know our business nor can you make this assumption without proof. If my thread contains something against the forum rules I will adjust my topic.
@Ringer what is your problem and why are you speaking abusive.
its my job. https://prnt.sc/1tpz94s check it.
if you not know. i tell you now. Gas and strom subscription sell.
we sell invoices with lower fees and these deposits are required to receive monthly payments.
It is obvious that you do not know this business.
You are just a member not an admin.
Don't keep complaining about things you don't understand like children.
The format of the work we do is to do business with Ibans.
and this is a hacker platform.
no more crying.
i am sure you are cunts. idoit.

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