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by kemp - October 25, 2019 at 09:30 AM
All credits for this go to @Databases

[Image: CafePress.png]

Fields: email, password
Record count: 11.110.294
Sample data:
Quote:[email protected]:ridgecrest
[email protected]:brisco99
[email protected]:knit2togethe
[email protected]:bisonte1
[email protected]:2icecream2
[email protected]:youkai12
[email protected]:hollyberry87

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All credits for this go to Databases
lookin forward to see if full sql of this is leak
im on the rougher seroquel
Can some one please direct me to the Full database ?
Do you have a copy of the unhashed data? There's something weird in the file, there are 372,354 email addresses with the exact same password

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