• Remove duplicate lines •
by Xvozia - January 31, 2021 at 06:50 AM
Program to delete the duplicate lines in a .txt file

Can use for delete duplicate texts in combo

Can use for delete duplicate texts in passwordlist

Lite, simple, useful

Download Link

.only for information
 any Legal & moral responsibility it's on you!
sort -u -o <output> <input> is also nice :-)

or for windows:
sort/unique <input> /o <output>
yes this is easy in a linux environment or Wsl
here is the command >> sort your_file | uniq > output_file
Notepad++ >>> Remove Consecutive Duplicate Lines
EmEditor just head to advanced and delete Duplicate lines too Smile
You can just use an online tool to find matching lines. Almost like line of text counter lol.

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