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本日柊本旲-Amazon Refunding[Help desk][Experienced SE]8/22/2015
[Image: b1pbk2l.png?1]
Hello and welcome to 本日柊本旲 Social Engineering help-desk.
I decided to create this thread because I noticed that there are many members (just like I were once), who are new to doing Amazon Refunds/Replacements and need that sense of direction to get started. I'm getting alot of Messages on here and Skype, asking for help regarding SEing something from a company.So instead of helping everyone via PMs, and being messaged alot with the same questions regarding to SE. I figured why not post a thread where I can Provide Answers to the most commonly asked questions and Problems. I Also have a Skype chat strictly for people who need help add me:Imsneakybeavernoyouracheate or post your Skype contact below. Don't have Skype? well post below! and i will respond A.S.A.P
NOTE:Skype would be the best way to reach me anytime, as i have the  mobile app too.

Now, Keep in mind when it comes to social engineering, there are no 100% correct answers. It all depends on the person that you're talking/writing to.

What I will not do:
Help you with anything That's Not Amazon related.
Provide you with any documentation,such as receipts,Templates,,VCCs,Serial Numbers,ETC......
SE something for you.

What I will do
I will always Help you with your SE.
Give you a Guidance and Very useful tips.
Answers All questions that you may have for me.

Just a few Photos of refunds:

NOTE:All PMs that I get regarding SEing that doesn't involve any of the above will be ignored.
                                                              NOTE:All Members who want my help must be in My Skype Group chat as i get 30-70 Questions from all different forums .

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