☭ Mod of the year website +updated
So i got bored and made this monstrocity

vanissery won, you can view the site http://gandalfraids.cf

(september_11_2001(mod+)) verified
This is coolbeans. Congrats, Vanissery!
Wow. Best webdesign ever :p
But I think that Sept should be on it too :D
(09-03-2015, 07:29 AM)Evanescor Wrote:  Wow. Best webdesign ever :p
But I think that Sept should be on it too :D

Evanescor has the right idea
Vanissery is a bad mod kappa
Van is best mod
No, Naine Levon is best mod ):
wait was this a poll? I missed it?

If we're not talking mod+ as well I would say Van first, followed by...um.....idk. Hawk?
Yeah hawk then....idk sorry.

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